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1st day of the ultimate South roadtrip

[I am doing a 7-day road trip that will cover Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia these days in honor of Nowruz!Today, I drove about 8 hours from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Birmingham, Alabama. The following is what I will tell people about my 1st day of this trip later on in my life, in cocktail parties, and so on.]

Listening to NPR while driving my rental white Chevrolet truck to Alabama was really fun. I named my 2-cabin truck Tengo. It’s a Japanese name, and the name of one of the main characters of 1Q84–the novel I am reading currently. Tengo is a good ride!

Around 2-3 PM, “All things Considered” was on the radio.Different people, all Americans, called the program and talked about race. All of a sudden …Robert Siegel said, “let’s talk to Mohammad who is calling us from Qom, Iran.” So, Mohammad talked about how Iranians are racist toward Afghans, which is a sad truth.

Anyways, Mohammad said he listens to NPR all the time, and has learned so many things from it.He also said this was the first time he had called NPR, and Mr.Siegel was so kind and told him, “Don’t wait too long to call us!”
I ♥ NPR!

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