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Golshifteh Frahani: A Post-Revolution Revolutionary

Iranian actress, Golshifteh Farahani, posed nude for Le Figaro. Courageous act of rebellion against a very old,conservative, and religious mentality.The huge uproar that this picture has caused so far is amazing.But, it was expected.

Many Iranians in facebook, twitter, blogs are talking about it.Everybody is either defending, or attacking Golshifteh for her picture. Seems every Iranian feels obliged to comment on this matter.

When I saw this picture, the first thing I noticed was her eyes.  And Golshifteh’s eyes reminded me of Neda‘s eyes.

When they shot Neda, on that bloody Saturday afternoon of June 20, 2009, in Tehran, they did not think anybody would capture that great injustice, but a cellphone camera recorded a frantic scene that concluded with Neda looking into the camera for the last time. It was as if Neda was about to say something, to utter her last words,or maybe to ask for help. But, all she could do was to look, and die.

While Neda’s eyes was filled with shock, and disbelief of what was happening, she and Golshifteh,both, diffused one emotion: melancholia.

Golshifteh and Neda were both active supporters of Green movement. Both participated in rallies, and donned green apparels in the post-election days of June 2009. One was killed, the other had to go to  exile. Both were not needed by them.

They became symbols. Symbols of female rebellion? Youth dissent? Or,what? I still cannot explain what it is that Neda is a symbol of, or Golshifteh represents.

But it does not matter.

What matters is what both of them did to the Iranian conscious. Iranians love to be distracted of what is going on in their society. Instead of commenting on Iranian society, economy and politics, most Iranians prefer to talk about anything that does not involve Iran directly, and is a safe topic.

Neda’s murder reminded Iranians who the enemy is. Reminded them who is responsible for the atrocities happening in Iran on daily basis. It exposed that Ahmadinejad is not the culprit, but the all respectable, and holly Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei is. A taboo was broken. Neda broke it.

In a society, that women’s  rights is non-existent, and all women are considered the honor, and the property of men, Golshifteh broke a taboo. She proclaimed eloquently that she owns her life, her body, and her mind. Her action will be remembered as one of the most sober acts of rebellion in modern Iran.

All on her own, Neda paid dearly for her wish of freedom and democracy.Will Golshifteh be alone? Will the divided Iranian society ostracize her? Or,will she be lauded as an icon?

Time will tell.

Wednesday, Early Morning,

January 18, 2012

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