Passion,Life with a Passion, My Passion.

So, this person twice asked questions about my passion in life, and twice I said I have no passion in life, which was not completely false.

First time she asked was about 6-7 weeks back. Second time was about 2 weeks ago.

Since more than a month ago, I have been asking myself questions about passion,i.e, what life’s like if one has a passion, and so on. And very recently, I guess found my passion.  I think my passion is to bridge the gap of misunderstanding between Iran, its cociety & culture to the international community. And by international community I do not mean solely the Western culture.

There is a huge misunderstanding and alienation between Iranians, Afghans, Arbas, and Turks — people who are neighbors since History can remember.


I will talk about what I mean more soon. 🙂

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