The no-longer-unusual Consequence of a Chat on Yahoo! Messenger with an Iranian Friend

Today I chatted with an old friend on Yahoo! messenger. After the typical greeting, she said,  “I am getting engaged today!”  It made me very happy.  I asked her who the lucky guy was, though I had a very good guess who it might be. And it turned out, I had guessed correctly. The lucky guy is an old, good friend I know since I was 14. We were best friends when I was in Iran.

Great news I received today. Beautiful news actually. Really wonderful. But, well, I am not in Tehran to participate in their festivities, and that is not good. I mean I can stay in USA for 100 year, and can never have a friend “who I know since I was 14.”

All such friends are back in Iran, and Iran is under sanctions, and I am under a mounting pile of shit. It seems the more I think about this great news, the more my jolly mood is shifting to misery remembering my inability to be at their party, and the Wedding in Summer–I think that’s a sign I need to stop thinking about this great news.

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