Consequences of the Open-Letter of Mousavi and Karroubi’ families to the World

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Two days after the open-letter of families of the three jailed leader of the Iranian Green Movement–Mr.Mir-Hossein Mousavi,Mr.Mehdi Karroubi, and Mrs.Zahra Rahnavard- was published by Sahamnews, and Kaleme, which are affiliated with, repectively, Karroubi, and Mousavi, new pressures on the families have been reported by Kaleme news site.

The English version of the Mousavi & Karroubi families is posted on this blog, but I would like to draw your attention to the following excerpts of the aforementioned letter:

We demand the rulers of lives, property, and dignity of [Iranian] people to return to the rational path of law, common sense, and [choose] the benefit of the people and the country, instead of choosing anti-religious, unpatriotic, and inhuman ways to oppress all the critics, and opposition [, a practice] that has taken [our] country to the edge of destruction and war.


“Free our abused and renitent prisoners, all the political prisoners, and all the prisoner of conscience who are all over Iran. A nation and a country with such dignity and pride does not deserve to suffer from all these political and economical hurdles, and, God forbid, a war.”

As expected, such harsh criticism of the Islamic government by the families of the most prominent political prisoners in Iran will not go unpunished.Today, according to Kaleme, security agents threatened to arrest daughters of Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard, and banned one of the daughters from work. She is an art lecturer  in Alzahra University,Tehran.Her mother, Zahra Rahnavard, was the president of Alzahra University before being fired in the first term of the Mahmoud Ahmadineajd’s presidency in 2004.

According to Kaleme, no reason has been presented as to why daughter of Mousavi & Rahnavard is banned from teaching.

Kaleme reports agents threatened the daughters that they will be arrested and will be taken to a place where nobody will know their whereabouts.

According to the Farsi WIKIPEDIA page of Zahra Rahnavard, she and Mir-Hossein Mousavi have three daughters:  Kowkab, Zahra, and Narges.

This is not the first time that security forces of Iran have threatened, arrested, or tortured the families of the political prisoners.

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